Education: Available Programs

Education Programs

Let us bring our birds to you! Our mission is to provide powerful connections with birds, their stories and humans. We have witnessed firsthand how this can have a lasting impact on people of all ages and backgrounds. Our birds are worked with using the most progressive, scientific methods of choice based protocols, ensuring a meaningful, engaging program that highlights adaptations, conservation, and connection to the earth’s incredible biomes.
Our programs can be customized to the age group of your choice, and unless requested or noted otherwise, involve three to four birds each. We bring our own equipment, and programs can be indoors or outdoors. Our birds have performed in large events, school graduations, festivals, to private gatherings, corporate events, museums, and school classrooms.
We travel throughout San Diego county and to surrounding areas with our wildlife conservation education programs.

Available Programs

elite bird of prey experience

Radical Raptors

This program explores the different types of raptors, or birds of prey, from owls to falcons to hawks. We show off the different adaptations that makes each raptor unique, how they hunt, fly, see, and experience the world differently, and even listen to a few sounds of raptor species.

elite bird of prey experience

Birds in Your Backyard

The first wild animal we usually experience in our day is likely a bird, from a songbird calling or a foraging in our urban spaces. Southern California, and San Diego county, is known as a biodiversity hotspot, and we are lucky to come across a wider variety of animals and plants than almost anywhere else in North America. This makes us extremely lucky to have such a wide variety of birds, but we may not aware. From ravens to falcons, migratory bird species and vultures, our beautiful Southern California has many habitats for special birds.

elite bird of prey experience

Birds of the World

A program all about birds from around the world fulfilling important roles in their habitats. Many of us may never get to see some of these birds in the wild, but our activities thousands of miles away still impact one another’s survival. This colorful program highlights an around the world experience that brings together stories of conservation success and ideas of hope and innovation. Biodiversity rocks!

elite bird of prey experience

Free Flight Bird Programs

Avian Behavior International is renown for their free flight programs. Our birds have flown in large zoo programs, high school graduations, weddings, funerals, private events, and many other locations. Contact us today to see if your event is suitable for a free flight program.

Environmental Education Initiative

This four part series can be scheduled throughout the year, season, semester, or quarter. The programs are designed to build on one another and complete a set of objectives:


To engage firsthand with birds and their biofacts in ways that reflect reverence for their way of life and how to safely interact with their world.

To enhance the community’s ties with the land and wild residents to promote balance, guardianship, and respect

To introduce a soil up initiative to recognize the habits that foster environmentally healthy practices that impact the avifauna we share our space with.

Birds and the Bugs

Gardens, natural habitats, green spaces, food chain vs. food web

Avian Superheroes

Identifying birds by sound, identifying potential toxins, how to be a superhero for birds

Raptor Awareness in San Diego County

Migration and the wonders of birds, San Diego as a biodiversity hotspot, incredible adaptations

Fledge Wings

What to do with about baby birds, baby animals