Equus asinus


Domestication of donkeys happened ~6,000 years ago

Transformed early pastoral societies and ancient states


Grass, weeds, and some woody vegetation


Can live up to 40 years

Who They Are

Meet our charismatic mini donkeys Frankie, Pepper, and Louise.  These donkeys help with the overall health of the ranch. Their favorite snack is thistles, which are weeds that take over the land. Their hooves also help soften the ground around the ranch, pushing in roots and stems for better water absorption and carbon sequestration. This makes it easier for planting native plants for our honey bees.

How You Can Meet Them

You can meet them during any one of our ranch experiences. They love spending time with our guests. We do quite a bit of training with our donkeys for our workshops and online consultations and the Avian Behavior Lab.

Likes and Dislikes

Likes: Thistles and head scratches

Dislikes: Being separated from each other

What You Might Not Know About These Animals

Donkeys are great protecters of their herds!