02 Cockatoo Expert Katy McElroy

Cockatoos can be really challenging and take a special home to keep them happy. When done right, they can be resilient and independent. Doesn’t that sound odd? Independent?

It’s true, and cockatoo aviculturist Katy McElroy has spent decades working with them, observing them, breeding them, and speaking with other experts. She is particular about who she thinks can provide an adequate home for them, and she knows that sometimes life doesn’t always go the way that we plan it.

This powerful conversation unveils a lifetime of experience and humility that comes with sharing a life with these incredibly dynamic and intelligent animals. Katy has done a wonderful job of sharing her knowledge with zoos and adoption organizations as well in order to provide a comprehensive base of support for these birds.

Listen in for the three actionable steps she offers that can help not just cockatoos but all birds in our lives live healthfully. My favorite is of course, the incredibly unique and insightful way she goes about problem solving that comes from decades of calmly and thoughtfully observing a situation and thinking through all angles.

Enjoy listening!