08 Three Hidden Reasons Your Parrot Still Bites

This subject is really important to us because we see many of these things come up time and again across various venues of parrot behavior and training information. Just because you don’t see your parrot biting in the moment doesn’t mean it isn’t creating some sort of fallout from this habit or developing a negative relationship with your hands or presence because of this.

A very good friend of mine used to toss his birds to get them to fly all of the time. His birds didn’t seem to mind it as much at the time, but when he would try it with mine, they would either move away from him or nip at his fingers. Isn’t wasn’t long before they would even start nudging my fingers away, even though I wasn’t casting them into the air.

Some birds may not appear to mind being tossed, or picked up from the cage without choice or ignored when they bite. It might appear to solve it. But that doesn’t always mean it is the best option. This is why a methodical look at behavior solutions is so important. Just because it “works” for one person doesn’t make it a viable solution. There can be unseen variables or even unseen fallout behaviors that we just aren’t paying attention to. More on this in an upcoming episode!

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