Combining our background working in zoological institutions in dynamic team environments with our passion to create sustainable solutions using positive reinforcement-based behavior management techniques, Avian Behavior International has the distinct ability to provide services to a wide variety of clientele and applications. As teachers and trainers working with a large collection of animals as well as humans every day, we are keenly aware of how the effects of Positive Reinforcement go beyond simply achieving a desired behavior, and have lasting influence on creating exuberant behavior, improved relationships, overall morale, and increase the production of behaviors you want to see more of. Whether your specific animal is on the wing, on the other end of the leash, or wearing a suit and tie, the science of behavior applies to all living creatures. Our live animal demonstrations and interactive classes allow managers and supervisors more easily see and experience first hand the power of positive reinforcement and how to apply the same techniques their staff—human or animal.

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