The Elite Bird Experience

Elite Bird Experience
This experience is the ultimate experience for bird lovers. This three hour experience fully immerses you in the animal training world as you experience free flighted birds of all different species. Slow down and enjoy what these different birds have to show with flights and intelligence. Work with ABI trainers to learn how to handle birds of prey and other exotic species of birds as well as help train other fun behaviors with our macaws and farm animals. The sky is the limit with this experience! Check out our booking calendar or contact us to reserve your date.
  • Elite experience $625/person
    • 3 hours
    • Get up close and personal with birds as they join in free flight training and interactive training
    •  Birds
      • Owl
      • Falcon
      • Linus
      • Chiquita
      • A few other interactive birds

Each of our tours includes a full farm visit. Explore with us how conservation and agriculture come together in unique ways all across the planet for a more sustainable future. Check out the wonderful fruits of the ABI Farm, our chickens, friendly goats and mini donkeys, as well as the rest of the free flying bird crew of Avian Behavior International.