2022 Gift guide for bird lover on your list

2022 Gift guide for bird lover on your list

It’s December 2022 and if you’re like me, you still have a ways to go on your holiday shopping list. You might also have a few animal loving friends and family that you really want to find a special something, because you that making animals happy makes animal people happy. Well you are in luck, we have curated a holiday gift giving guide for the wildlife lover, the parrot person, even the dog, cat, and charity minded family or friend on your holiday list. For any type of budget, there are over 60 holiday gift idea for the bird nerd and animal freak in your life. From books to parrot toys to composers, we thought of it all!


Books about birds, nature, and our food systems can be challenging to maintain the proper scientific lens. I have been disappointed a few times to have books recommended as science based only to find them under researched to the point where the species of bird is obviously incorrect. Each of these books had a remarkable impact on my outlook and changed my life in some way.

The Secret Perfume of Birds Danielle Whittaker

The Bird Way  by Jennifer Ackerman

Entangled Life   by Merlin Drake

A Most Remarkable Creature  by Jonathan Meiburg

Braiding Sweetgrass  by Robin Wall Kemmerer

The Nature Fix: Why nature makes us happier, healthier, and more creative   by Florence Williams

Animal, Vegetable, Junk: A history of food, from sustainable to suicidal  by Mark Bittman

Beloved Beasts: Fighting for Life in an Age of Extinction by Michelle Nijhuis

The Evolution of Beauty: How Darwin’s Forgotten Theory of Mate Choice Shapes the Animal World  by  Richard Prum

Living on the Wind: Across the Hemisphere with Migratory Birds by Scott Weidensaul (Pulitzer Finalist)

For Parrots

What’s on our list for parrots and other birds this year? Pretty much everything! We love a good foraging idea, but finding natural shreddables that don’t break the bank as well as swings and other fun furniture pieces that encourage exercise always make us happy when we watch our birds engage with them. We included some Aussie items for our friends across the Pacific, as we know there are many on our list!

Parrots R Us

Parrotsrus never stops! They always have really interesting items. Follow them on social and check out what they have in store for yourselves if you are so inclined. These are some of my personal faves for a wide variety of offerings.

Holiday Talon Toy Gift Box for Medium and Large Parrots


Parrotsrus large bird toy









Rudolph stops at the snack bar for tiny, small and medium parrots



Natural Inspirations Parrot Cages

Natural Inspirations proceeds primarily funds a non-profit parrot sanctuary we founded in 2020 called Wingspan Parrot Sanctuary  They give lifelong sanctuary to birds for owners who have made adequate provisions for their care should they no longer be able to care for them and we rehabilitate and rehome rescue birds. They have rehabbed and rehomed 50+ cockatoos and even more macaws, amazons, conures, etc.

Tiki ropes for parrots

Various sizes and prices

Double Parrot Cages

Various sizes and prices

Bonka Bird Toys

We have been shopping at Bonka for a while now!

Stainless steel cups A favorite for our kookaburra and corvid (like all day long)

stainless steel bird toys



T perch swing

We love a different kind of swing. This one is a popular one


Bird Toys Etc

Super J Toy.

J Swing PVC for parrots


Make Your Own Bird Toys

Great Foot Toys

Mahogany Stem

3 for $0.40

mahogany foot toys for parrots


Sunflower Heads

6 for $0.75


Sunflower seed head for parrots


Banana Leaf Roll

6 for $0.65



 Chipper Parrots Bird Toys

Favorite: Pizza with the Lot

Great shreddable natural foot toys

Swing collection

Dog Toys

Foraging toys, slow feeders and safe exercise items that don’t encourage your pup’s obsessive behaviors are on our list this year! Enriching your dog has never been so easy, but making sure that it’s safe to do so can be a slippery slope. Any item can be made dangerous, so be sure to watch your dog the first time they interact with something. And we also included some agility items, because it’s a fun way of engaging with your buddy, even if, like us, you have no desire to compete!

lick mat


lick mat for dogs and cats


Snuffle mat


Dog puzzle– Puzzle feeder with different difficulties


dog puzzle feeder

Stationing mats



Voice buttons – if you recall our exclusive email content about these buttons from November, you might have felt like a number of our workshop guests and been inspired to purchase some!



Agility poles – heck yeah! Join in the fun and get your dog exercising in a new way!



Wobble board


dog toy testimonial

Furbo pet cams with bark recognition, microphone and treat launcher



Meal dispenser with adjusting difficulty levels


Cat Toys

Like dog toys, cat toys have really elevated in recent years. Keeping cats engaged can relieve a number of seemingly disassociated behaviors, from spraying to “missing” the litter box to excessive vocalizations.

foraging toy for cats! This one might be the cutest one out on the market


Treat maze and puzzle toy

cat maze box


Full disclosure – we don’t have this, but we promptly ‘added to cart’ when we saw this and are really excited to see what the kitties do!


Modern cat furniture

Price Varies

modern cat furniture wall shelves

These beautiful pieces are a great answer to “why do cat towers always have to look like that?”

Hide and Seek Pond Toy


This is a popular toy that can be found in many different styles

Interactive food bowl

interactive bowl for cats


Cat running wheel


cat wheel

This is the answer for people who have very active cats or inactive cats. A great way to keep those kitties indoors and safe but getting the exercise that they need

Heated cat bed


Duh. Cats love this, and it will keep them off of our TV equipment or microwave.

Wildlife Lovers

Bird feeder with camera

Netvue Birdfy with Camera and AI


There are a lot of different models and brands. While we haven’t vetted them all, we love this idea and encourage you to check them out!

head lamp


Solar powered trail camera

solar powered trail cam

See what is visiting your yard! You might be extremely surprised at the amount of wildlife that comes at night. We love having trail cams at our place.


Zeiss binoculars 8×42


Great for birding, your trip to a national park



In home composting – reduce methane emissions at the landfill


Moisture,pH, and sunlght sensor to avoid overwatering your garden

moisture sensor


Loupe microscope  my latest obsession thanks to Robin Wall Kemmerer for looking at plants, bugs, and mosses


Barn owl nest box


American Kestrel, Screech Owl or Saw Whet Owl Box


Weather station

weather station We rely on ours heavily here and absolutely love this workhorse!



There is something for everyone, and when you want your dollars to stretch farther, giving to smaller organizations can have a huge impact in the work that they can do. Consider the following organizations, look into the work that they do and see what appeals to you!


Below are a list of nonprofit organizations of various areas of interest that benefit wildlife and conservation in different ways. We feel strongly that a holistic approach to our biggest challenges is the only way through this.

Teton Raptor Center

Located in Wilson, Wyoming, this organization focuses on education, research, and rehabilitation. Your donation can focus on one of the most unique aspects of their work: tracking the success rate of released rehabilitated eagles and other raptors. There is very little data on released birds, and it costs over $3000 for one GPS unit, let alone the related costs of monitoring the birds of prey.

Owl Research Institute

This organization focuses on field research and long term data collection of wild owls.

Raptor Resource Project

This organization works with species of raptors creating, maintaining, and preserving nest sites for sustainable population management.


The Savory Institute

Mission: To facilitate the large scale regeneration of the world’s grasslands and livelihoods of their inhabitants through holistic management.

Local Organizations

San Diego

Habitat Conservancy

New York

Alan Defoe Bird Club

Alley Pond Environmental Center


Ecology Action Center


Gulf Coast Bird Observatory

North Carolina

Cape Fear River Watch



Marine education and research society


South America

SAVE: Brazilian bird conservation


Mabula Ground Hornbill Project



Bush Heritage


Wild Bird Society of Japan





These items are not ads, we do not make any commission from this list. We do not make any claims to the safety or the integrity of these items, please use your best judgment as to what you find will work best with the animal in your care.

Happy holidays from one animal lover to the next, and we hope you have a lovely and safe holiday season!