2023 Holiday Gift Guide For The Bird Lover On Your List

ultimate gift lovers guide for 2023 bird lovers

2023 Holiday Gift Guide For The Bird Lover On Your List


ultimate gift lovers guide for 2023 bird lovers



If you are looking for something for the bird OR bird lover in your life and you are scratching your head about how to show them that you know what’s up, we have a list for you!

We put together a thoughtfully curated list of our favorite bird and animal-related things. Each of these products are products that we love and believe in.

* Some of the links may be affiliate links that we earn a commission off of.

Bird Enrichment

ParrotsRUs always has some great toys, and some food of course! Shop their subscription bundles

And don’t forget, if you are an Avian Behavior Lab member, we have ParrotsRUs on our Member Discount Program!

For all kinds of birds – we gave a toy like this to Zisou, our black throated magpie jay, and she plays with it all day long. No joke.

If you have watched our crating courses, you know that different crates work well for different species. Get my favorite double door wire crate for large parrots here to avoid nesty behaviors (it’s foldable for storage!)

and a smaller one for medium sized parrots

Don’t forget to put in a perch!

Do you have a falconer in your life? We always need new equipment. Here’s our go to for coping: dremel heads,

a cordless dremel
and a set of precision knives.


How to have a bird friendly garden, keep a balance in pests, and get to see birds? Get a bird box! This pack of four will allow your blue bird residents to choose their favorite spot.

Rechargeable handwarmer – For this Californian, just yes!

Danner boots – My go to for outdoors, trail running and work.

National Parks Pass



A collection that gathers the best stories, essays, and poems about birds from forty years of Orion. In it you’ll find owls, cranes, thrushes, finches, penguins, petrels, and buzzards—and the people who love them, including Brian Doyle, John Freeman, Elizabeth Kolbert, J. Drew Lanham, Mary Oliver, Emily Raboteau, Sandra Steingraber, and Terry Tempest Williams. Co-edited and introduced by Jonathan Franzen

An Immense world

How Emotions are Made

Not birds, but the science is so wonderfully illuminating I had to include it.

A World on the Wing

One of my favorite authors and the nicest person to meet in real life. His other book, Living on the Wind, literally changed my life.

Birds and Us

I already gave this book away as a gift twice before I ever finished it!

What an Owl Knows

A wonderful book about owls!

If Nietze Were a Narwal

My favorite read of 2023

Organizations to Support

The Owl Research Institute

Doing amazing work with owl species across North America



Adopt a Bird campaigns and so much more!

The Gabriel Foundation


Doing work for parrots in need

The Bird Endowment

An amazing organization that is the legacy of Laney Rickman’s work with Blue Throated Macaws, one of the most endangered of all macaws.