21 Conversation With Paige Davis

21 Conversation With Paige Davis

In this broad conversation, Paige Davis, a curator at the World Bird Sanctuary in St. Louis, Missouri, and I sit down and talk about bird of prey training, falconry, species differences, weight management, and social media. We covered a lot of ground when it comes to birds of prey and the way we train them, and I can’t wait for you to listen to this podcast. There is a lot to be said for having experience with a wide variety of birds and animals and the amount of creativity in problem solving that that brings. Paige and I are able to go deep into many different areas of animal training as we are so familiar with each other’s philosophies and respective challenges in bird of prey training and professional life.

Paige has developed a large following on Instagram with her account, Pythonpaige. Through this, she has endeavored to highlight conservation and wildlife education facts and experiences about birds, native species, and reptiles as well as focus on her work at the World Bird Sanctuary, their education programs and her interests in global conservation work. With a higher profile naturally comes higher costs, and in this conversation we talk about how commenters have offered unsolicited opinions on Paige’s personal life, looks, and professional ventures. Though trolling and such is not going anywhere soon, it is something that takes its toll on all of us, even if we aren’t on the receiving end. We talk about how negative energy gets in our way from accomplishing our goals and how we have changed our tactics. Paige doesn’t profit from her account, and though I freely admit that I have encouraged her to do so if for no other reason than to compensate her for her time, she doesn’t shill on her account and responds personally to the comments. I can’t even imagine how much time that must take!

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