Gallus domesticus


Chickens are common and one of the most widespread domestic animals


Omnivores, they will scratch for seeds, insects, and even eat small animals and lizards


5-10 years depending on breed

Who They Are & How To Meet Them

You’ll both see and hear them during any experience. We love our chickens and each has a name and a long drama we love to talk about.

Our chickens are all trained to come when called and even hop to our hands. Some of them will fly to your arm or jump through hoops. We put much of our chicken training on YouTube!

Likes and Dislikes

Likes: Any snack you bring them (or yourself, they make no distinction)

Dislikes: Life is good for our chickens! Nothing to dislike here.

What You Might Not Know About These Birds

The chicken has the closest DNA to the Tyrannosaurus Rex, even closer than an alligator!