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Avian Online Conference for Education and Training

AvOCET 2024 will be a virtual gathering space for bird behavior, training, education, and conservation enthusiasts. With internationally featured renowned speakers, paper submissions, panel discussions, and breakout rooms, the conference is designed to foster challenging ideas and thoughtful discussion, give attendees access to incredible minds...

$45.00 – $135.00

Bird of Prey Experience

Our most popular experience! You’ll have a flighted handling experience with our birds of prey, learn all about what makes them extraordinary predators, and how they fit into the ecosystem of San Diego, California. Our lineup includes one of our hawks, the Harris’s Hawk or...


Owl Handling Session

Meet our owls! This class allows guests with families the one-of-a-kind experience to meet an owl up close and feel what it’s like to handle these incredible birds of prey. Enjoy a secluded spot in the San Diego countryside and discover the incredible adaptations of...