Exotic Meet and Greet

Toucan training
Exotic Meet & Greet
This experience is for the bird lover who wants to interact with exotic bird species. Guests will get to hold and interact with Chiquita, our Toco Toucan, and learn about the unique features toucans have. Guests will also get to interact with our Raven, Linus, through fun games that show off the amazing intelligence the species has. San Diego County has stunning landscapes and scenery which you will be able to witness with our free flighted macaws. Hang out with these exotic birds and learn about what we can do to conserve our environment and keep it safe for our bird and animal friends. Check out our booking calendar or contact us to reserve your date.
  • Exotic meet and greet $87/person
    • 1.5 hours
    • Interactive
      • Birds
      • Chiquita
      • Linus
      • Macaw

Each of our tours includes a full farm visit. Explore with us how conservation and agriculture come together in unique ways all across the planet for a more sustainable future. Check out the wonderful fruits of the ABI Farm, our chickens, friendly goats and mini donkeys, as well as the rest of the free flying bird crew of Avian Behavior International.