04 Motivation Part 1: Help, I can’t get my parrot to stop biting and screaming

To say motivation is a broad topic is an understatement. But it can be confusing. We call unmotivated parrots insecure, unconfident, phobic, territorial…. many other things! We may not look at the problem in front of us and think, My my my, now THAT is an unmotivated parrot!

Thinking of it in terms of how we can incentivize desirable behaviors so our parrots engage in behaviors that are not only natural but beneficial to both of our lives can reduce stress and take our relationship to the next level.

As mentioned in this podcast, we dispel a few common myths about trust and relationship building that are often motivation killers: sitting next to the bird’s cage and singing and talking or reducing the bird’s weight are not techniques we use or recommend.

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My Parrot isn’t Motivated for Food