11 Q&A from Raptor Workshop Part 1


This podcast speaks frankly and openly about progressive weight management practices. As mentioned in the intro, it is part of a much larger conversation and is not meant to be all inclusive.

It is an excerpt from our Raptor Workshop Question and Answer Panel. We mention raptor diets and prey items, as well as some baseline points that may not work for your species. The 10% idea, for instance, does not work with all species, especially smaller ones.

Bergmann’s Principle refers to the generalization that larger animals found at higher latitudes due to less surface area ratio per weight.

It is imperative to know the health and welfare of your bird and that you consider weight management as a last consideration to avoid fearful responses in your bird of prey. At Avian Behavior International, we do not manage the weights of our parrots for the purposes of free flight. Our members have numerous resources available to them to practice progressive weight management techniques, and we do not believe that it is safe to tell others that no weight management is used when we are changing diet amounts without monitoring weight, ie “feeding a bird less” as some professionals do.


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