Conservation projects (more coming soon)

Conservation-pic2The backbone of Avian Behavior International’s mission is to connect humans with birds through close encounters, using the engaging personality of birds in their most free and natural state. Through this, we strive to partner with some of the most influential research and conservation programs across the planet, and are using our feathered faces to raise awareness and funds to support these organizations directly.

Ecotours planned:

South Africa 2018

Brazilian Pantanal 2019

More information coming soon! Contact us if you’re interested.

We are working to bring awareness to:

Mabula Ground Hornbill Project ( With a myriad of challenges threatening the survival of the Southern Ground Hornbill, the ground-breaking research and conservation work that this organization has accomplished to turn the dim future of this incredible species around is unparalleled. With a multi-faceted approach to species preservation, the Mabula Ground Hornbill Project has also contributed a wealth of knowledge to captive hornbill populations, ensuring the success of breeding programs across the world. With our ground hornbill ambassador, Kipling, our goal is to captivate our audience with these incredibly intelligent and charismatic birds to demonstrate how important their survival is for the environment.

How you can join us in supporting them:

  • Book a Kipling event today. As a representative of his species, a portion of the proceeds of each Kipling program go directly to the Project
  • Purchase a sterling silver Southern Ground Hornbill charm made in Africa. All proceeds go directly to the Mabula Ground Hornbill Project and assist in providing a sustainable source of income to the artisans of Zimbabwe. Contact us to place an order.