Barn Owls are some of the most iconic birds on the planet, and Beatrix has delighted many with a rare up-close view of this highly adapted species. Specially designed to hunt rodents at night, Bea shows off the barn owl’s silent flight and precision hunting skills. She is an expert pouncer, and her ability to hover in the air before diving down on to her “prey” is breath taking. Like Guinness, we look forward to watching this young owl’s development as she continues to wow and delight our guests.

Adopting Bea means you will be privy to watching her learn new and exciting behaviors right along with her trainers. We are excited to film and share with adopters Bea’s beautiful flights and graceful maneuvers, from unique perspectives.

Our Adopt-a-Bird program offers something special and unique for animal lovers out there. Each package includes:

  • an adoption certificate
  • 5 x 7 photograph of your bird
  • a fact sheet of your bird’s species
  • Monthly updates of videos featuring training and flights of your bird for six months

Please note: Although your donation is not tax deductible, all adoption funds go directly to the care of your adopted bird.

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