Guinness is a Eurasian Eagle Owl hatched in 2015. At six years old, Guinness floats around on a wingspan of 5 feet and weighs about 4 pounds. Though he has been known to be a bit of a diva, there are no favorites here at ABI, and Guinness is the perfect gentleman when posing for pictures on the glove with guests of all ages.

We love to take videos of Guinness capturing his long flights across the hills, sometimes in slow motion, and adopters will get the front seat as we develop some special projects for Guinness this spring and summer.

Our Adopt-a-Bird program offers something special and unique for animal lovers out there. Each package includes:

  • an adoption certificate
  • 5 x 7 photograph of your bird
  • a fact sheet of your bird’s species
  • a 2021 wall calendar of Avian Behavior International’s free flying friends with exclusive shots from professional photographers
  • Monthly updates of videos featuring training and flights of your bird for six months

Please note: Although your donation is not tax deductible, all adoption funds go directly to the care of your adopted bird.


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