On Our Experiences

ABI is a hidden gem for a behavior and training geek like me. It has created a wonderful environment to learn about training birds, and to watch their practices turn into beautiful flight. I was enchanted by their flock of six mixed species macaws, flying on cue and cavorting above a beautiful valley, to return minutes later to the starting point for a quick treat, a toy, or a head rub. Their beauty in flight was breathtaking.
Not to be missed is a flyabout with Kipling, the Ground Hornbill. He joined us by hiking up to the starting point (where else can you walk with a bird?), then swooped down the valley to Hillary. Hillary and Kipling have a wonderful bond, far beyond trainer and animal.
In addition, the photos holding the Eurasian Eagle Owl and the young Harris hawk will soon find their way to my Facebook page, I love those raptors!
The staff not only show that free flight birds trained with positive reinforcement can and will fly freely, they take that same positive approach with visitors. They were knowledgeable, inviting, willing to answer questions, and fun. I'd love to go back some time soon!

- Margo Rose

To see the healthy empowered young macaws fly free at ABI is an unequaled opportunity. They glide and glisten in the sun doing what they are created to do, fly. The facilities are well designed and the birds immaculately cared for. On my first visit I was lucky enough to watch the birds in their aviaries gleefully splash and flap in a rain shower after returning from a morning flight. My second trip I watched a Hornbill walk up a hill, take a fun wiggle in the sand for a dirt bath and then open his large wings and take off.
The staff at ABI taught me what enriching natural behaviors looks like in captivity. Truly an amazing experience of pure joy by the parrots and the student.

- Deb Stambul

On Our Workshops

The workshop was well designed and formatted to flow very well. Despite the fact that we were provided a great deal of information I feel that the way it was presented allowed for a good retention of the materials. As with any event held by Avian Behavior International to have some hands on examples of techniques used as well as a chance to read the different species of parrots body language was extremely exciting and brought to a conclusion a wonderful day filled with nothing but parrot talk.

- Eric Kern, director of Parrot Education and Adoption Center (PEAC) San Diego

The Avian Behavior International workshop I attended was wonderfully helpful, and an enjoyable experience. Positive reinforcement techniques were expertly communicated and I was able to immediately and effectively apply these with my own feathered friend. Some of the best time and money we have spent for a better understanding and enriched relationship with our little flock. I highly recommend ABI and look forward to coming back for other workshops!``

- Marc J. Roth

Going to the workshop at Avian Behavior International has greatly enriched my relationship with my macaw Chloe. At the workshop I learned how to set Chloe's environment up so that she can be successful. Furthermore, I learned how to train Chloe and remedy behavioral problems using positive reinforcement. Although I was already familiar with positive reinforcement the workshop helped me to become more aware of how I can use it to improve my relationship with Chloe and gave me a new found confidence in regards to handling her. I am eager to attend more workshops in the future and I highly recommend these workshops for any bird owner experienced and inexperienced alike.

- Ryann Schandelmeier

As a fairly new parrot owner, I decided to attend an ABI workshop in hopes of gaining a little more insight to avian behavior and training. I was beginning to feel a little put out with the methods and suggestions in most of the parrot training books I had acquired and was in search of a better approach. Hillary’s workshop was like taking a breath of fresh air! We were introduced to training theory using positive reinforcement, got to participate in hands on exercises with some of her beautiful feathered assistants, and put to rest a lot of outdated myths about parrot behavior. Along the way Hillary never once hesitated to answer any of our questions and showed a great deal of enthusiasm the whole time. I was so inspired by the workshop that we set up an in home consultation to help create a more successful learning environment for our parrot and a better training regimen catered to her needs.

- Samantha Hunt