Toco Toucan

Ramphastos toco


Least Concern


21.5 – 25.5 inches


Up to 60 inches


1 lb – 1 lb 14 oz

Who They Are

Chiquita: Hatched in 2017, Toco Toucan (Ramphastos toco)

Where They Originate

Toco Toucans are found in drier, semi-open woodlands and savannas in northern and eastern Bolivia, south-eastern Peru, northern Argentina, eastern and central Paraguay, and eastern and southern Brazil. A popular and frequent site in the Pantanal Region in Brazil, Bolivia, and Paraguay.

Their Role at Avian Behavior International

Like other members of the ABI team, Chiquita has raised money and much-needed awareness for rescue and rehabilitation organizations such as the Toucan Rescue Ranch in Costa Rica. She introduces guests to different concepts of biodiversity and the surprises that defy our pop culture ideas of what toucans are versus their natural habits.

How You Can Meet Her

Chiquita is part of each and every farm and aviary tour where visitors can feed her if Chiquita has deemed it an appropriate activity that day. Guests can also meet her as part of our Exotic Bird Meet and Greet, which is a popular experience as many people come for the expressed purpose of wanting to meet a toucan for the first time!

Likes and Dislikes

Likes: Hand-selected fruit (banana, papaya, and blueberries) and bathing in her custom-built suspended bath pan

Dislikes: Cloudy days

What You Might Not Know About These Birds

Toco toucans in the wild are nest raiders! They have been seen regularly eating eggs from smaller bird nests, but documented footage has been recorded of them consuming even larger chicks such as Ibis.