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The Avian Behavior Lab

The Avian Behavior Lab is an incredible resource for companion parrot lovers, bird of prey trainers, wildlife rehabilitation educators, zoo trainers, and animal enthusiasts who want to up level their bird training skills and strengthen their bond with their animals.

With an extensive community forum, exclusive Facebook Groups, focused monthly web classes and Q&A sessions, plus an ever-growing course library with training tips and how-to’s, you will have the tools and expert knowledge that will keep you growing in your bird training journey. We share our daily training sessions as well as behind the scenes case studies.

At Avian Behavior International, we train our animals up to six hours a day, and we want to share their progress in a format that helps people like you. With a practice of over a decade of companion parrot consulting in addition to working in the zoological field training for education programs, we want to utilize our knowledge of creating a fun, welcoming and supportive community along with the experience of providing professional guided mentorship, on demand. This is a truly rare experience.

Just some of the Parrot and Bird of Prey Training and Behavior Courses inside the Lab include:

  • Force free nail trims
  • Teach your parrot to step off your shoulder without biting
  • How to coexist with multiple parrots
  • Teach your parrot how to play
  • Teach your parrot to wear a harness
  • A comprehensive ambassador vulture course
  • Telemetry how-to’s
  • How to reduce and prevent bating in birds of prey
  • How to motivate your raptor
  • Training voluntary intramuscular injections
  • Chicken training
  • Voluntary hoof trims
  • Pig and goat training
    ..and so much more!

The Avian Behavior Membership

Avian Behavior On Demand Courses

Bird training is complex – and there are many tips, nuances, and little details that can change the game in your bird training journey. For this reason, we decided to offer a few of the Avian Behavior Lab Courses for individual purchase.

All of these courses are inside of the Lab, with more content added weekly. If you enjoy these courses, we highly recommend you check out the lab for FREE.

Screaming parrot masterclass