Apis mellifera


Humans have been keeping honey bees, in artificial hives for over 7000 years.


Pollen and nectar, which they turn in to honey


Worker bees live anywhere from 15-200 days, depending on the season

Who They Are

Our bees are an important part of the ranch health. We saw a huge increase in fruit production when they moved on to the farm. The parrots love them because our passion fruit pollination went through the roof!

How You Can Meet Them

You are welcome to visit our hives if you wish during our aviary tours. The bees often make their gentle presence known when we are near their hives. They are accustomed to routine hive checks, so they do not fret over humans with a calm presence.

Likes and Dislikes

Likes: Pollenating plants

Dislikes: Banana scent

What You Might Not Know About These Animals

The worker bees are actually females! Girl power!