32 Thinking of Free Flying Your Parrot?

32 Thinking of Free Flying Your Parrot?

As a professional free flight bird trainer with high visibility, Hillary has heard from many different companion parrot free flyers of various experience levels. These insights reveal many different outcomes in free flying companion parrots that survivorship bias doesn’t always reveal This episode examines several important questions:

  1. What is free flight for parrots and how does it work? Why don’t parrots fly away or why do they they fly away in our homes?
  2. What are some ideal qualities in a free flight bird trainer?
  3. Can you learn how to free fly your parrot from the internet?
  4. What makes some environments difficult for parrots to free fly in?
  5. What are some best practices for free flying parrots?
  6. Why do people shame others when they lose their free flighted parrots?
  7. What do we do in this day and age of getting further from the reality of what nature’s terms truly are?
  8. How do we navigate the delicate balance between understanding how we are shaping the face of parrot keeping and what is truly good by each bird?

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