Is there an age limit? Can I bring my kids?

Some of our experiences have age limits for the safety and comfort of the birds. Birds of prey are very different than farm animals that have been bred to be be around humans for thousands of years, and despite the best of training practices, can be sensitive to changes. Many of our bird of prey experiences have age limitations of 9 years and up, and we also have some great interactive experiences for families with younger children. We do not require tickets for children under 4 years of age. Check out our experience page for more details. We understand that many people have very well-behaved young children, but often children have quick movements that can startle birds in close up scenarios, especially when they are around unfamiliar people. If you would like a customized experience, we may be able to accommodate. Contact us for details.

Are you open to the public?

Guests are able to visit through our scheduled events. If you would like to take one of our classes, go to an event, or an experience, take a look at our calendar. If there is a particular day that you would like for an experience that there isn’t anything scheduled, we may be able to accommodate. You can contact us at info@avian-behavior.org

Where are you located?

The Avian Behavior International Ranch is located off of Lake Wohlford Road, in Escondido, California near Valley Center. Our address is provided when you register for an Experience or Event. We are about an hour from San Diego metro, give or take. Travel times vary greatly due to traffic from the Orange County/LA area. Our address is provided once you register for an event, and we are on Google Maps

Do you allow walk-in’s?

Our ranch is not set up for walk in visits. Our gate is closed and we are usually out in the field training animals and working other programs when we do not have a pre-scheduled experience or event.

What is the hike like? How long do we have to walk?

Typically, when we “hike” with the birds, we walk up a small hill for about 5 -10 minutes while watching them fly. There are some rocks and shrubs, but it is mostly packed dirt and granite.There may be other options that we can accommodate some of those that do not like or do not wish to hike. Please reach out to us with any questions you have to how we might be able to modify your experience for you.

If I sign up for a Bird Experience, do I get to hold a bird?

Yes! Our Experiences are designed to be interactive with the animals for guests to feel the connection of animals like we get to enjoy. This is very important to us.

Can spectators come watch without paying?

We can set up Spectator Tickets for some of our experiences with birds of prey and owls. The Spectator Ticket is at a reduced price for individual that does not wish to handle any of the birds. These are the only experiences where we have that capability. All visitors on the facility must be part of the group
at all times under the supervision of staff, as the birds can be uncomfortable around people that they don’t know and disrupt the experience for the rest of the guests. Please understand that it takes a lot of training and expertise for our birds to be comfortable interacting with strangers without significant bird handling skills so often, so even having extra bodies moving around them while they are perched on an unfamiliar person is a huge act of trust and represents years of labor and positive reinforcement training.

What should I wear?

Proper footwear is required. Shoes must be closed toe with good tread. Hiking or athletic shoes are recommended. No sandals, heels, smooth soled flats or clogs. We politely as that no five fingered shoes be worn as they alarm our birds. We suggest comfortable outdoor wear and plenty
of sunscreen.

Can I bring my pet?

For the safety of our animals and yours, we do not allow any outside animals on to our grounds, even if they stay in the car. Anyone with an animal will be asked to leave and will not be issued a refund.

Do you offer Gift Certificates?

We do! You can find them in our shop here.

Can I come early and walk around?

We are always working the birds and taking care of the ranch. We ask that you not arrive until 15 minutes before your events starts. The gate to our ranch will not be opened until 15 minutes before each program. Each event includes a tour of our aviaries and farm animals during which you will have opportunities to see the animals.

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