If You’re into Animal Behavior and Positive Reinforcement Training, You’re in the Right Spot

World renown animal behavior consultant, falconer, and educator Hillary Hankey dives deep with conversations and case studies on parrots, birds of prey as well as horses, dogs and all kinds of animals on topics of behavior as well as nutrition, ethology and problem solving.

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A Bird Brained Podcast for the Nerd Brained

Conversations include:

  • Parrot behavior and training
  • Avian nutrition and husbandry
  • Aviculture husbandry, breeding, and conservation
  • Problem solving with pets
  • Zoo training
  • Ambassador animal training
  • Falconry
  • Wild bird behavior (ethology)
  • Dog, equine, and cat training
  • Learning theory, the science of behavior, and operant conditioning
  • All things animals!

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