Hornbill Hike

Meet Kipling, our larger-than-life free flying Southern Ground Hornbill. Enjoying a stroll with a ground hornbill through the hills of San Diego is an extraordinary chance to learn about the story of the Southern Ground Hornbill and Kipling’s role in their preservation in South Africa. Often persecuted on farms and in towns for destruction of property and killed by incidental poisoning, the conservation of African and Asiatic hornbills is a challenge. You can help understand what makes hornbills so remarkable by spending a day with Kipling and his avian friends. Southern Ground Hornbills are smart, charismatic, and curious, and Kipling makes for a very exotic encounter. Our farm animals work together to create a thriving, vibrant, peaceful community. Check out our booking calendar or contact us to reserve your date.

Private and group experiences available. Adventures can be combined and customized for a specialized package; contact us for a tailored booking! Group rates begin at 6 people and start at 10% off.

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Each of our tours includes a full farm visit. Explore with us how conservation and agriculture come together in unique ways all across the planet for a more sustainable future. Check out the wonderful fruits of the ABI Farm, our free ranging chickens, friendly goats and mini donkeys, as well as the rest of the free flying bird crew of Avian Behavior International.