Picnic with the Parrots

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Picnic with the Parrots
Our picnic with the parrots provides our guest the opportunity to sit and hang out with some of our free flighted parrots while they take in the stunning views of the southern California landscape. Our guests also get the chance to feed and interact with our donkey’s, goats, pigs and chickens, all whilst you learn about the amazing biodiversity hotspot San Diego County is in. To top it all off, guests will watch our African Crowned Crane, Teacup, fly around the granite rocks and as well as get up close and personal with her. This experience is perfect for the bird lover and for the animal lover. It balances both bird and animal interaction. Check out our booking calendar or contact us to reserve your date.
  • Picnic with the parrots $87
    • 1.5 hours
    • Sit and hang out with the hoof stock in the back yard accompanied by 2 parrots after watching our crane fly loops around the mountains
    • Birds
      • macaws
      • Hoofstock
      • Crane
      • Arthur (during tour)

Each of our tours includes a full farm visit. Explore with us how conservation and agriculture come together in unique ways all across the planet for a more sustainable future. Check out the wonderful fruits of the ABI Farm, our chickens, friendly goats and mini donkeys, as well as the rest of the free flying bird crew of Avian Behavior International.