Advanced Animal Behavior Workshop

Workshop basics

This immersive retreat offers a deep dive with at least three hours a day of hands-on guided practical training opportunities with ABI’s animals, training demonstrations, and some classroom time as well.

The advanced animal training workshop explores five main topics across the course of the retreat:

  • Training veterinary and husbandry behaviors
  • Building sensitivity as an animal trainer
  • Environmental arrangement to avoid fear and aggressive responses
  • Creating complex behavior through shaping
  • Replacing problem antecedents
  • The how’s, when’s and why’s of food and non-food reinforcers

Who this workshop is for

This animal training workshop is animal keepers, owners, and trainers that have an understanding of operant conditioning and learning theory. It’s recommended  that advanced workshop guests will have attended a workshop, conference, or online course before and want to continue their exploration of animal behavior and creative problem solving. While we have a strong attendance in companion parrot owners, this course also fits well with industry professionals and other animal lovers excited about animal behavior.


What you will take home

This animal training workshop and retreat is designed to take our guests to the next level of their relationship with the animals in their care. Coursework and practical application with ABI’s animals will allow attendees to practice and refine complex concepts across species and challenge them to look at their day to day interactions in a new way.  Utilizing various aspects of learning theory, including operant conditioning and natural behavior, students will come away with skills to create motivation and support appropriate behavior through environmental design and innovative animal husbandry practices.


Course Fee

Early bird registration: $1075
Regular registration: $1275

Next Workshop

Spring 2022

Other Details

Accommodation is recommending either at the Best Western in Escondido or the Econo Lodge in Escondido

We provide airport pick up and drop off service from the San Diego Airport as well as transport to and from the ABI ranch.

Lunches, beverages and snacks provided at the ranch.

Any changes to your workshop booking must be made before 2 weeks prior to the event start date. Refunds will not be issued within 14 days of the start of the event. Proof of vaccination for Covid 19 required for attendance.