Parrot Behavior Consultations

Hillary has been consulting with companion parrot caregivers and professional training facilities for over a decade. She helps others understand how we can mimic their natural behaviors to have an outstanding relationship and surpass our expectations for quality of life. As one of the most experienced parrot behavior consultants in the US, she offers parrot behavior consultations and other resources, working closely with people for over a decade to understand and apply positive reinforcement to create a supportive environment for the humans and animals in their homes.

Hillary has a regular column in Australian BirdKeeper Magazine on parrot behavior and training. You can also find some of her articles here. Avian Behavior International has a YouTube site where there are some training tutorials.

We offer customized, one on one support that offers a focused approach to teach you how to employ a positive reinforcement based training paradigm. It doesn’t matter how much or how little training and behavior experience you have, we will help you set up your animal’s environment with a comprehensive, step by step program to support the behavior we want to see more of and reduce undesirable behavior.

All consultations include follow up email support and one free month of membership in the Avian Behavior Lab.

You can set up a virtual consultation today! If you have questions, feel free to contact us.

Parrot Behavior training consultations