Lady Ross’s Turaco

Musophaga rossae


Least Concern


15 – 18 inches


Up to 8 inches


less than 1 lb

Who They Are

Pogo: Hatched in 2016, Lady Ross’ Turaco (Tauraco rossae)

Where They Originate

Lady Ross’ Turacos are found in open forests, woodlands, riparian habitats across sub-Saharan Africa

Their Role at Avian Behavior International

Pogo’s striking looks and vocalizations catch the attention of arriving guests. Pogo’s natural beauty and behaviors make him an excellent talking point to our free flight and indoor educational programs to highlight the importance of biodiversity, birding, and citizen science in the quest to help our bird populations.

How You Can Meet Him

Meet Pogo during our farm and Aviary tours!

Likes and Dislikes

Likes: Pogo’s favorite part of his meals is sweet potato, and his training treats are blueberries!

Dislikes: Ugly footwear does not go unnoticed

What You Might Not Know About These Birds

What you might not know

True bird nerds are obsessed with turaco feather pigmentation. The red is truly red instead of merely reflecting red like in other bird feathers

As good as turacos are at bouncing through the canopy, they are also good at running along vines and branches, and the young turacos will start zipping around before they can fly.