Animal Trainer for a Day

Eurasian Eagle Owl interactive experience

Ever wonder what it is like to train animals? Now you can find out! Follow around ABI trainer Hillary Hankey for a day and participate in our training programs. Our guest trainers learn how to prepare diets, feed the animals, and assist with regularly scheduled training sessions. Whether it’s one of our farm animals or a bird of prey, each animal receives one on one care and positive reinforcement training. Our birds occupy a valuable niche in the wild and we discuss how their role at ABI, the behaviors we train, and the enrichment we provide them all tie in to their natural behavior.

Has a donkey ever offered its hoof for a trim? Seen a chicken trained to go into its coop on cue? Are you smarter than a raven? Have you been close enough to a raptor to gaze into its eyes or feel the grip of its talons as it alights on your glove? Each day is different in the life of an animal trainer, so no two programs are alike. Our day might entail preparing the birds for an upcoming program as well as taking the macaws or the birds of prey out for a soar, or we might involve you in the training of a new behavior. Whether you have had a lifelong interest in animals, are looking for a fun family activity, or would just like the opportunity to get closer to animals, this program was developed by popular demand and provides an unexpected appreciation for living and working with incredible and fascinating bird brains. Get ready for an adventure unparalleled and day full of stories you’ll be recounting for many months to come.

Duration: 9:30 – 3:00 pm

Ages: 12 and up

  • Group size is limited
  • Participants under age 16 must be accompanied by a paying participant over 18 years of age.
  • Includes a thirty-minute lunch break.
  • All participants will be photographed by a professional staff member.
  • Food and beverages not included
  • No spectators allowed

Group rates begin at 6 people and start at 10% off. Adventures are intimate to ensure everyone gets face to beak time with the birds. An email with directions and detail will be sent out once registration is booked with our address and other pertinent details for the tour. Please double check your spam folder.