Animal Behavior and Training Workshop

Workshop basics

This five day immersive retreat provides a minimum of three hours a day of hands-on guided practical training opportunities with ABI’s animals, one hour of training demonstrations, and two hours of classroom time. ABI believes strongly in focused exploration of concepts to maximize our success.
Topics include: Learning Theory and Our Animals, Shaping Something From Nothing, Implementation: The Four Tenets of Behavior Change, Putting Science into Action with Common Behavior Challenges, Case Studies, Q&A Panel

Who this workshop is for

Animal trainers and companion animal owners who want to build their foundation skills in positive reinforcement and learning theory with fully flighted birds as well as mammals.  A basic understanding of operant conditioning is helpful, but not necessary. While we have a strong attendance in companion parrot owners, this course also fits well with industry professionals and other animal lovers excited about animal behavior.

What you will take home

Attendees will have a better understanding of the different ways that they are influencing their animals’ behavior and thus, be able to consciously design an environment and lifestyle that supports better behavior. The guided daily training sessions will immediately offer real time feedback for how we can change the way we move around our animals and deliver information to them that can change our relationship for the better. Guests will be able to apply these concepts right away, understanding their powerful effects and apply the knowledge of navigating difficult variables.

Course Fee

Early bird registration: $875
Regular registration: $975

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