Avian Behavior International hosts a variety of progressive animal behavior workshops and courses, each tailored to specific needs and experience levels. With Hillary Hankey as a parrot and exotic animal behavior consultant in the San Diego and Southern California region, the need for reaching homes and hearts with the right information has become very apparent over the years. Our contemporary, state-of-the-art programs focus on live animal demonstrations and hands-on learning for our attendees at our 20-acre ranch in San Diego county. Our mission is to help others seek sustainable solutions to behavior challenges through positive reinforcement training and to inspire, engage, and enlighten our guests about the powerful and overarching intricacies of behavior that govern our relationships with animals and people alike.

Workshops include:

“Be Your Best With Birds” Single Day Clinic

This full day behavior clinic offers guests an inspirational introduction to some truly life-changing information that can help shape your relationship with the animals in your life forever. Whether you are faced with extreme behavior issues that are disrupting your household, are looking to solve or prevent smaller issues, want to start off on the right foot with your new bird, or are simply looking to build a more engaging and enriching relationship with your bird, this clinic provides an unparalleled foothold to reach sustainable change and a fulfilling friendship. We dig in to the how’s behavior, what we can do to change it, and why some of the popular advice out there may actually be contributing to you and your bird’s stress.


  • Multi-media presentation filled with training videos
  • Relationship building techniques that address issues that prevent us from having the bond with our bird we’ve always wanted
  • In-depth analyses why “common sense” and traditional approaches won’t lead us to sustainable solutions for biting, screaming, inappropriate sexual behavior, and a myriad of other problems faced by parrot owners
  •  How-to’s for setting up your bird’s environment to prevent problems from occurring and effectively harnessing positive reinforcement as the easiest and most valuable tool for both humans and animal
  •  Training demonstrations with our world-class trainers
  • Guided hands-on training sessions with ABI parrots to apply the information in real time
  • Skills to take home to your bird right away and begin a journey towards a mutually enriching relationship

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One Week Learning Retreat


  • Immersive experience focusing on hands-on training, mechanics, and real time decision-making
  • Guided training sessions with a wide variety of animal species, particularly fully-flighted birds, to develop a keen understanding of shaping natural behaviors, developing a greater sensitivity to body language, and establishing effective and mutually empowering communication with animals
  • Provides guests with take-home skills that will change their mindset living with animals, and help animal lovers develop a more effective partnership
  • An intimate and dynamic group environment to discuss behavior topics and challenges
    Two Courses:
    Animal Training Workshop
    Advanced Animal Training Workshop